Actions of the Tourist Association of Slovenia and Planet TV produce results

With the visit of the Tourist Association of Slovenia in the summer, when we were nominated for the best excursion destination, our village opened its doors to the world of television. Journalist Žiga Deršek from Planet TV visited us and we presented the autumn events in our village. Mateja Žaren represented the lady from Pristava. Who guided the journalist through all the important points of the village, our four farms.

They attach great importance to beekeeping in the village. At the Pr’ Lampret farm, they filmed the first set in front of the apiary. Beekeepers care for bees and indirectly for the environment, as bees are the main pollinators. The main importance of beekeeping is the pollination of plants, and bee products are also a valued food. The beekeeper has two main tasks, the first is to take care of the health of his bees, and the second is to take care of the safety and quality of the produced bee products.


Visitors’ full stomachs are taken care of at the Pr’Okorn farm, where they presented an autumn task – pickling cabbage. There are three housewives on the farm. They arrange their work from the field, which yields abundantly under the hands of mother Ivanka, processing vegetables, fruit, meat to a full plate, which is taken care of by the housewives Marta and Tjaša. The sauerkraut goes well with an excellent blood sausage and roast beef, and the whole thing is enhanced with buckwheat brandy with crackers. The dessert at the farm is absolutely not to be missed. In autumn, when the apples bear fruit, an apple roll is often on the table. This is how the menu for Pr’ Okornu’s autumn farm lunch is composed. Of course, you can also book it yourself by calling + 386 41 329 810, housekeeper Marta

Their last visit was at the farm of the Pr’ Toni’s family, where they presented authentic nature. There are 5 hiking trails that pass through the village, which are presented on these links HIKING TRAIL I.HIKING TRAIL II. in HIKING TRAIL III.. You can get a stamp for the traveled routes at Pr’ Mežnar’s farm. In the Farm Park, in addition to a wonderful view of the sky on all sides, you can see the whole of Slovenia, you can have a break at the holiday property in two apartments or park your motorhome. Tjaša rode a pedal go-kart with the leader, which is an interesting offer of the Pr’ Tonijevi farm for active people.

We ended a beautiful Monday morning at the top of Pristava next to the coat of arms of the local community of Metnaj and near Partizanski dom. Click for the story about the coat of arms.


Sincere thanks to journalist Žiga Deršek and Planet TV.


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