Farm Okorn, homely named Jerkot, is located on Pristava nad Stično, from where you can see Slovenian higest mountan Triglav, Julian, Kamnik Alps, Gorjanci and Snežnik.
Visitors are welcome on our tourist farm all year round. We cook at weekends. It is appropriate that you book your table. You can order home made chicken with roasted potatoe and season vegetable.

We offer:

  • home made roasted meat
cheese dumpling from our grandmother Ivanka
  • buckwheat žganci with mushroom sauce
  • homemade bread with dried meat products
  • genuine Pristava chicken
  • in winter you can try blackpuding sausages or smoked sausages with sauerkraut

This is just a small morsel of the goodies we offer.

There is a lot to discover around our farm. You can go on a walk, run in the forest or visit our higest point in municipality of Ivančna Gorica, Obolno. Just folow the sign- blaze:

There you can go on a forest path and there is no worries that you could get lost.
Our visitor can visit monastery Stična, and church of st. Lambert in our village Pristava nad Stično. Near the church there was a castle in 14th century in which Virida Visconti lived.
On the top of our village is a Partizan hut, where were some important decisions were made for Slovenia during a war in 1990.

Come and enjoy our pristine nature with friends and family.

The tourist farm Okorn present and sells its products on market every Saturday in Ivančna Gorica:

They Offer:

  • vegetables
  • home made cookies
  • typical Slovenian dish: (potica) cake with walnuts or tarragon or cottage cheese
  • apple strudel (jabolčni štrudelj)
  • smoked meat: salami, sausages and bacon

You are cordially invited to explore our offer’s diversity for yourself.