Father Simon Ašič collected herbs at Pristavi nad Stično

A monk from the Stiška monastery, where he lived intermittently for 73 years.

He often shared his knowledge about herbal and medicinal effects among people. Father Simon Ašič became a great expert in the field of herbalism. 
We are still reaping his fruits today, because in the Cistercian Abbey of Stična, in the Herbal Pharmacy, we find an abundance of his recipes for 
alleviating problems. At the same time, we know the usual story of how people got well and were cured with the help of his recipes prepared 
from medicinal plants.

photography: monk Simon Ašič (vir:https://pater-simon-asic.si/sl/pater-simon-asic/)

Several books are also written:
Father Simon Ašič's home pharmacy,
Clay heals: the man of the living earth,
Apple cider vinegar,
Handbook for collecting medicinal herbs,
Stična monastery - home of Father Simon Ašič.

Asič's work is continued by Mr. Jože Kukman. A herbalist at the Cistercian Abbey of Stična studied his recipes and continued his work. 
With great respect, he stepped into the shoes of Father Simon Asič. Jože Kukman, master of pharmacy, also collected many herbs at Pristava, 
together with his members of the herbalists' club. At the same time, he held many workshops in the monastery. On Friday afternoon, visitors 
to his workshops collected herbs at Pristava nad Stično and stayed in the surroundings of the Stiška monastery. On Saturday morning, teas, 
tinctures and creams were prepared. His knowledge Mr. Kukman loves to share with people.


photography: Jože Kukman

Here are some tips for collecting medicinal plants:

Medicinal plants are harvested throughout the year based on the usefulness of the medicinal part of the plant. 
In doing so, we adhere to the medicinal plant collection calendar, which can be found in most good manuals or next to the 
descriptions of individual herbal plants. However, harvesting times should not be taken too strictly, as they depend on weather conditions. 
Especially in the present time, when nature has become unpredictable. 

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