Did you know that 5 hiking trails lead through Pristava?

Today we describe another of the ways:

BADJUR’S CIRCULAR TRAIL, you can go on it at any time of the year, it is most often organized in December, the hike lasts 4 days, as we have to walk almost 100 km.

(SOURCE: https://mojalbum.com/chicsson/badjurova-krozna-pot-30-6-1-7-2007/foto/8370420)

The path connects the peaks of the Litija municipality and its surroundings. Pristava nad Stično is also among the surrounding peaks, where at Pr’ Mežnar farm you will receive a stamp for the conquered peak. It is recommended to walk the route in several separate days. Possibly every season part of the route. If you decide to do so, you can order lunch or dinner, maybe a snack at Okorn Excursion Tourism, which is located in the village.

A detailed description of the route can be found on the website of RTV SLO.

Rudolf Badjura, after whom the trail is named, devoted his work to writing mountain and excursion guides. He worked in tourism. Badjura is considered to be the initiator of hiking, mountaineering and mountaineering tourism and, consequently, of sports tourism in Slovenia. Badjura was the first Slovenian ski instructor and the first writer of skiing tips. Therefore, it was the right decision of the people of Lithuania to name the path that goes through the peaks of the municipality of Lithuania and its surroundings after him.

(source: https://www.slovenska-biografija.si/oseba/sbi132759/)

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