About Us

The family wants to share with you the beautiful nature and breathtaking views of the limitless landscape. They have opened the doors of their farm to guests, who are always made to feel welcome and comfortable by their kindness. The farm stretches across 22 hectares, which is more than enough space for carefree wandering and various outdoor activities

What you can find here

Sleeping in a tent near the woods and being greeted by a bird symphony in the morning is a unique experience. Our comfortable camping area is far enough from the village to give you privacy, yet close enough that you will not feel abandoned. You can enjoy our picturesque picnic area or stay at the Virida Holiday Home.
With the help of the other farms, we can offer you traditional local dishes. If you inform us in advance, you can get fresh ingredients from the nearby farms and cook your own breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The local food will make your stay in Pristava even more authentic, as you will enjoy both the natural environment and the traditional aroma of the dishes eaten by our grandfathers and grandmothers in Pristava. We hope you will also feel at home in the resting areas in the Virida, Kragulj, and Jež clearings, which were carefully designed for carefree lunches and friendly chats

The photographs show the beautiful countryside at Pr’ Tonijevih.

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Pr Tonijevih
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