About Us

We are a family ready to share the beautiful unbridled nature the landscape and its wonders with you. We further contribute to your well-being with our hospitality and warmth. The farm measures 22 hectares and has ample space for carefree nature trips.


The experience of sleeping in a tent surrounded by pristine nature near the woods is an unique one. In the morning, you are woken up by birds singing. We can offer a sublime space, just far enough from the village to provide intimacy and close enough to avoid feeling lonely. Together with the other farms, we offer original Pristava food on your plate.
Our offer includes a rest stop for caravans, holiday house Virida, a superb picnic space and overnight stays in tents. We will prepare you a breakfast outside or at the Okorn tourist farm. We can even provide cooking ingredients from local farms by prior arrangement and let you prepare your own breakfast, lunch or dinner. All of the food we offer is locally sourced. We think it is especially important for you to be able to sample the delicious meals that were eaten by our grandparents. You will be able to taste our local hospitality at our rest spots located in forest clearings and named Jež (Hedgehog), Kragulj (Goshawk) and lady Virida. The spots are carefully chosen and allow carefree eating and chatting.
You will also be able to enjoy a carefree rest under birch trees, which are located close to the caravan rest stop.
Spending the night in the silence of the Pristava forests will give you the strength to face new business and family challenges. Additionally, the mixed woodlands are full of healing properties and provide a home for many different animals, which you can observe while taking a stroll in the forest.

The photographs show the beautiful countryside at Pr’ Tonijevih.
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Pr Tonijevih
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