There are four farms in the Pristava Tourist Village, and each of them is responsible for some of the unique opportunities and places in the village.

Where can you find good food ? 

The Pr’ Okornu Farm offers home-cooked lunches and dinners at weekends, and meals during the week with prior reservation (call us on +386 41 329 810).
They also provide dried meat products and garden produce, which they also sell at the Saturday market in Ivančna Gorica.

Where you can sleep well?

The Pr’ Tonijevih Farm takes care of the Virida Holiday Home. If you are interested in staying there, contact us through the contact form, send us an e-mail to, or call us on +386 40 702 936. Part of the farm is also a camping area for camper vans and tents, and a picnic area.

Where you can spend your free time?

A pleasant walk through a picturesque natural environment leads from the Pristava Tourist Village to the St. Lambert Church on Pristava nad Stično. You can also read the Virida Viscotni memorial plaque, which was placed there on the 600-year anniversary of her death. You can also take the trails that lead through Pristava nad Stično, visit the Partisan House, and see the 360-degree view from the orientation point.
At the Pr’ Tonijevih Farm, you can rent a picnic area in the park with a playground and volleyball and football pitches. At the Pr’ Okornu Farm, you can rent pedal go-karts or mopeds, and experience the freedom of riding across the large park.

Where to enjoy a free time in Slovenia ?

Our village is a great starting point for exploring the whole Slovenia. You need half an hour, to drive to our capital city Ljubljana, one houre to visit Postojna cave, where you can see the most magnificent worlds underground.

The third place to visit in Slovenia is definetly Bled and his lake. You must try their dessert, called “Kremna rezina” or in english Bled Cream Cake.

Forth place you can visit in Slovenia is Piran and salt pans. You wiil need one hour and forty minutes by car.

You can also spend your free time in some of the thermal spas which are near us:

Where you can find home-grown and homemade products?

The Pr’ Mežnar Farm can provide you with fresh, healthy produce, milk from Pristava, and eggs. To check what is available, call us on +386 41 961 081. The Pr’ Lampret Farm sells excellent honey from Pristava.


Welcome to our pristine natural embrace!