You can take a trip around the Ivančna Gorica commune, which can be said to have 12 jewels. 12 local communities and thus 12 destinations that give you the opportunity to spend your free time in relaxing surroundings. You can find inspiration for an outing at each local community in the form of information boards. In the following paragraphs, we would like to present the tourist offer of the communities both near and far.



The Metnaj Local Community

 Beekeper Rogelj, the Berčon Tourist Farm, the Lavrič Hut

Well-marked forest trails will bring you to Metnaj.

The longer hiking trail and the ascent to the farm at Obolno present a greater challenge. If you follow Virida’s route, you will pass through the village of Osredek, where you can visit Rogelj Beekeeping upon prior notice. The Berčon Tourist Farm offers you lunch and dinner. The Berčon household will not only provide you with an excellent lunch but will also give you the opportunity to admire the surrounding natural beauties. You will also be able to see Pristava from a different viewpoint.

The hiking trails that lead through Pristava bring us to the Lavrič Hut in Mekinje nad Stično. Although it doesn’t fall under the Metnaj LC, it still makes a great excursion point. At the week-end, the owners offer grilled dishes. They are happy to prepare their food by prior arrangement.


 Rogelj Beekeeping
T +386 40 633 357 gdč. Daša Rogelj

Berčon Tourist Farm
T +386 31 210 001 Mr. Franc Berčon


Lavrič Hut
T +386 41 454 097 Mr. Maks Jerin



The Stična Local Community

The Grofija Tourist Farm, the Stična Monastery, the Slovene Museum of Christianity

You can take your car or go on foot and visit the Grofija Tourist Farm. At the farm, you can look at horses, wildlife and play tennis or order an excellent home-cooked lunch. Stična is well known for the Stična Monastery and the Slovene Museum of Christianity. Sightseeing tours take place every day. You can visit the monastery, which as legend has it was built in accordance with the last wishes of the Lady of Pristava – Viridis Visconti – every day of the week. The Church is also open every day.


Grofija Tourist Farm
T +386 1 78 78 141 ali +386 31 855 009

Stična Monastery
T +386 1 78 77 100

Slovene Museum of Christianity
T +386 1 78 77 863 in +386 1 78 78 576 g. Marko Okorn


Ivančna Gorica

The Ivančna Gorica Local Community

The Erjavec Farm, The Community Health Centre, Pharmacy, Bank, Post Office

Once you leave the motorway, you enter Ivančna Gorica. The hustle and bustle of the small town has plenty of inns and shops to offer. We promise that there will be no need to visit them during your stay with us. However, it is important for you to know where you can find the community health centre, pharmacy, bank and post office.


Ivančna Gorica Community Health Centre 
T +386 1 78 19 000

Pharmacy Lekarna Ljubljana
T +386 1 23 06 100

Bank: Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d.
T +386 1 47 72 000

Post Office: Pošta Slovenije d.o.o.
T +386 1 78 87 950

The importance of Ivančna Gorica during the Roman era becomes apparent when you examine the Roman milestone, which lies at the intersection of the roads leading from Višnja Gora towards Šentvid and from Ivančna Gorica towards Stična. The Roman milestone is depicted in the logo belonging to the Ivančna Gorica local community. You can purchase dried apple slices for a snack, as well as home-made marmalades and spirits, at the Erjavec Farm, which welcomes visitors every day of the week. The farm is just a stone’s throw from the Ljubljana – Ivančna Gorica motorway exit in the village of Gorenja vas.


Erjavec Farm
T +386 41 526 600


Višnja Gora

The Višnja Gora Local Community

The Carniola Bee house, The Višnja Gora Town Swimming Pool, The Polževo Hotel, the Jelenov Rog Inn, The Čož Farm, The Habjan Tourist Farm, Leskovec Day-Trip Tourism

The famous largest snail in Europe is waiting for you in the centre of Višnja Gora. During the summer months, you can cool down in the Višnja Gora summer swimming pool. You can take a short walk to Polževo, which offers a superb view of Grosuplje and its surroundings. On your way to Polževo, you can stop and enjoy the food at Jelenov Rog, an inn with a long tradition. They offer venison and house specials like frogs’ legs and escargot. Once you arrive at your destination, you can enjoy the hospitality of the Polževo HotelYou can experience a one-of-a-kind presentation of Carniola lavender in the Carniola Bee House in Višnja Gora on the site of the old school.


The Carniola Bee House
T +386 1 44 40 410
E info@hkc

Višnja Gora Town Swimming Pool
T +386 51 442 800

Hotel Polževo
T +386 1 78 82 192

Jelenov rog Inn
T +386 1 78 84 521 ali +386 31 435 447

Čož Farm
T +386 31 296 243

Habjan Tourist Farm
T +386 1 78 84 757

Leskovec Day-Trip Tourism Leskovec
T +386 1 78 07 586




The Muljava Local Community

The Jurčič Homestead, Pr Obrščaku, The Nose Ethnological Collection

The novel Deseti brat (The Tenth Brother) was written at the Jurčič Homestead in Muljava. You are welcome to take a look and expand your cultural knowledge. The local inns can be found not far from the homestead. Pr Obrščaku is open every day except Wednesday and offers snacks and lunches, as well as organised parties by prior arrangement. You can see the Nose Ethnological Collection all year round by prior arrangement.


Jurčič Homestead
T +386 1 78 76 500 Mr. Borut Lampret

Pr Obrščaku Inn
T +386 1 78 76 381

Nose Ethnological Collection
T +386 41 429 491



The Krka Local Community

Carpe Diem, The Javornik Farm of Open Doors, the Krka Cave, the Gostišče na Križišču Inn, the Magovac Toursit Farm

You can see wondrous beauty close to the Krka River. The cool river is a welcome feature in the summer months. The local community offer includes kayaking at the Carpe Diem kayak centre, which organises trips down the Krka River. A great half-day trip is a visit to the Krška jama cave, the source of the only Slovenian river with its mouth in Slovenia. You can satisfy your hunger at the Javornik Farm of Open Doors or at other local inns.


Krka Cave Sightseeing: every Saturday, Sunday and during the holidays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
T Urška: +386 41 276 252 Darinka: +386 41 597 700
 Sabina: +386 41 552 701 Stane: +386 41 553 702

Carpe Diem
T +386 41 739 771

Javornik Farm of Open Doors
T +386 1 78 06 011 ali +386 31 739 771

Gostišče na Križišču-Štorovje Inn
T +386 1 78 06 026

Magovac Tourist Farm
T +386 1 78 06 049 ali +386 41 779 700


The Zagradec Local Community

The Štupnik Mill, Toplar, The Na Vasi Inn and Pizzeria, The Na Pajčni Inn


The Zagradec LC also sprung up next to the Krka River. In the time of our forefathers, the current of the River Krka powered numerous sawmills, which were used to cut wood. Today, there is only one larger mill leftThe Štupnik Mill, which grinds flour for all the inhabitants of the Ivančna Gorica commune and elsewhere. You can buy the flour most days of the year.
In Zagradec, you can get an excellent pizza under a typical Slovenian hayrack (kozolec). The inn is called Toplar. However, this is not the only inn in this part of the commune. Between the Ivančna Gorica-Žužemberk regional road, you can find the Na Vasi Inn and Pizzeria and the Na Pajčni Inn.


Štupnik Mil
T +386 41 540 165

Pizzeria Toplar
T +386 1 78 86 833


Zagradec Tourist Association
T +386 41 800 810

The Na Vasi Inn and Pizzeria
T +386 40 167 167 in +386 41 647 307

The Na Pajčni Inn
T +386 1 78 86 800




The Ambrus Local Community

Mushrooms grow in the comfortable embrace of the forests. Ambrus is known for its vast quantities of mushrooms. The locals know the woods like the back of their hand. Visitors to Ambrus rarely discover the secret places where this gift of nature grows. Perhaps you will discover it. You can climb the Korinj Hill and pick various herbs along the way, as well as admire the local vineyards.


Local Contact Information
T +386 41 631 871




The Šentvid pri Stični Local Community

The Štorovje Inn, The Šentvid pri Stični Aviation Club

Each year, the singing camp draws numerous Slovene choirs from neighbouring countries. It is most often organised in June. A month before, normally during the first week of May, the Vidovo Cultural Society organises Slofolk and invites folk groups from five countries.

You can regain your strength and have a hot meal at the Štorovje Inn.
For those with enough courage and a taste for adrenaline, the Šentvid Aviation Club offers panoramic tours with 4 small aircraft.


Štorovje Inn
T +386 1 788 50 63

Šentvid pri Stični Aviation Club



The Temenica Local Community

The Fajdiga Tourist Farm, The Prebil Ranch, the Pri Japu Inn

The babbling of the Temenice River and picking spring snowflakes and snowdrops transports you to a world where time stands still. In the past, the river drove mill stones. If you want to experience the farm lifestyle and enjoy the food of our ancestors, stop by the Fajdiga Tourist Farm then cross the road to the Prebil Ranch, where you can ride horses.


Fajdiga Tourist Farm
T +386 1 78 74 071 ali +386 31 505 679.

Pri Japu Inn
T +386 1 78 74 089 ali +386 51 311 305

Prebil Ranch
T +386 41 278 459


Dob pri Šentvidu

The Dob pri Šentvidu Local Community

You can find the Dob pri Šentvidu LC at the northern part of Suha krajina. The beautiful Karst landscape is not the only interesting thing you can see. Each year, mowers compete in grass mowing at Lučarjev Kal.


Local Contact Information
T +386 41 774 555



The Sobrače Local Community

The Sobrače Fish Farm

 If you drive through the historically significant village of Sobrače, you can take a tour of Castle Bogenšperk, which is not located within the Ivančna Gorica commune. In Sobrače, you can see the source of the Temenica River and numerous small churches, which are dotted around the Sobrače LC. If you feel like eating some excellent fish, you can get them at the fish farm and later cook them at Pristava.


Sobrače Fish Farm
T +386 1 78 74 202 ali +386 41 320 202

Local Contact Information 
T +386 31 350 684