The Pristava Tourist Village is characterised by pristine nature, kind-hearted villagers, and rich tradition, formed by important historical events. 

Pristine nature

A good sleep in the silence of the Pristava forests can fill you with an unimagined energy to face the challenges of everyday modern life. Pristava’s mixed forests have a healing effect on the body and soul at all levels. They are also home to many forest animals which you might observe during your explorations. There are many options for carefree walks, picking flowers in the meadows and the forest (winter roses, snowdrops, summer flowers), and enjoying the pristine nature.


The Pristava Tourist Village offers a breathtaking view of Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia, and part of the Julian Alps, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the Gorjanci hills, and the Snežnik mountain. There are three marked hiking trails that pass nearby: Badjur trail, Lavrič trail, and Virida trail. Guests can visit the Stična Monastery and the St. Lambert Church in Pristava. A small castle used to stand near the church, which belonged to Virida Visconti, a noblewoman from a noble Milan family. There is also a Partisan house at the top of Pristava, with two monuments nearby. One is a memorial to fighters killed in World War II, and the second was built when Slovenia gained independence.

Warm hearts

There are 20 people living in the Pristava Tourist Village, who generously open their doors and unselfishly share the simplicity of the local lifestyle with all visitors. One can always count on the cheerful and kind demeanour of the locals, who are happy to greet every single visitor. They respect the privacy of their guests, and are grateful that the guests who enter their homes when they pass the boundaries of the village, are respectful of their privacy.