We present tourist village Pristava on the 33rd fair for tourism

Past days we were on fair for tourism, camping and caravanning. We present our path around our village, where you can met all our citizens and their parth in our community. Secondly we offer our local products (cold cuts as salami and carniolan sausage) and deep-fried delicacies called krhki flancati and doughnuts. Well it is carnival time. 

photography: Gašper Stopar

Let us present our path throu tourist village Pristava. We meet in our tourist farm Okorn, where you can have tasty local breakfast and drink some herbal tea. There U will heard every thing about people who live here and ther story of daily work and free time. The farm is already celebrating 30 years of operation. 

photography: Mateja Žaren

The second farm is where you can buy honey and see renovated typical carniolan houses it is called farm by Lampert. The third farm is cattle farm, where produce milk, meat and some good milk products like cottage cheese, it is called by Mežnar. 

On the fourth farm you can all these local products buy and a range of others products from our municity Ivančna Gorica. The most magnificent in our local store are products made from glay and painted pictures of our village. On these farm they have 3 apartmenst and you can park your caravan or motorhome on camper stop in the Park of the farm by Tonijevih.

photography: Mateja Žaren

Well during your stay in our village you will see all the beuituy that we share with the nature.


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