Did you know that 5 hiking trails lead through Pristava?

Today we describe the third of the routes: VIRID’S PATH on EASTER MONDAY

After a hearty Easter breakfast, a walk is welcome. Those who are more active go on Virida’s hike in Ivančna Gorica.

SOURCE: personal archive

It is organized on Easter Monday, in the municipality of Ivančna Gorica, by members of the Metnaj local community, starting in Metnaj at the Fire Station between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. It is 17 kilometers long and can be covered in just over 4 hours.
The initiator of the hiking trail through the local community of Metnaj was the president Alojzij Podobnik. Virida’s journey was 2019, the nineteenth in a row. Each individual can go on the 17 km long journey alone, of course with appropriate footwear and clothing. The path is well marked and arranged.

SOURCE: photography monk Branko Petauer

Every time, during the march, in the church of St. Lambert also offered Holy Mass. Next to the church of St. Lambert was once a hunting castle where Virida Visconti lived. Virida Visconti was a benefactor of the monastery in Stika. You can read more about her life here. From here the name Virida’s Hiking trail.

The route passes through 10 villages of the Metnaj local community. Always starting in Mekinje. Every year the direction of the route is reversed so that the finish is different. We have 2 excursion farms in the local community. In the coming years, we expect changes in the implementation of the hike, due to the built fire station in Metnaj.

So the hike starts in Mekinje nad Stično at the Y intersection, first register for the hike and pay the fee. This is followed by a climb through the forest to Dobrava nad Stično and to the first viewpoint – Pristava nad Stično, located 694 meters above sea level. Pristava nad Stično has been a well-known excursion spot for more than 50 years. From Pristava, the route takes you past the farm Pr’ Mežnar to the church of St. Lambert. A holy mass is organized for hikers in the church, expected to be at 10:00 a.m.

From the church, we go to the marking for Virida’s path and start vertically into the valley to the Belentinos. The route then splits with a hiking trail that also leads to Javorje – Marked European Footpath. This same ascent is part of two more hiking trails: Romanova and Lavričeva. The route from Debeče to Planina and Osredek takes us to the highest peak in the municipality of Ivančna Gorica – Obolno and Obolno tourism farm. The Berčon family has been closely following the development of tourism on this hill for 30 years. Obolno is located 776 meters above sea level. The next village, Poljane nad Stično, is easily accessible. A path leads us into the valley to the Stiški Potok among the fruit trees of the Janežič farm, where they grow fruit. Upon entering the forest, which is waking up from winter sleep, we are greeted by spring flowers when the weather conditions are right. Virida’s path thus reaches the lowest lying part of the village of Metnaj, called Drmožnik among the homesteads. The conclusion follows in the village of Metnaj.

SOURCE: personal archive

Information about organized hiking trails is always available online.

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