Slow glimpse of the world gives us the fruits of enjoying in the details around us – birds, trees, sky, farms, houses and other people → with this we create connections.

You can fulfill this desire by walking, cycling or even renting a moped, so you are consciously enjoying a slow tour of our surrounding nature, neighboring villages, a drink or a snack on the next hill…

You can enjoy in the creation of the above connections by renting a legendary TOMOS mopeds (A3 with automatic transmission and APN, ATX for experienced drivers with manual transmission), which can be rented in the following ways:

  • 1 hour I 20 EUR
  • 3 hours I 40 EUR
  •  1 day I 70 EUR
  •  Individual 

What does TOMOS mean to us?

Only a few of us do not remember the legendary mopeds of A3, APN, ATX, BT and the days when as teenagers we were right out on these mopeds around the village. The whole world was ours when we sat on them and drove towards new adventures, villages, places, cities. We still see the legendary Tomos creations on the roads today, and we are proud that a part of such a successful Slovenian story continues to exist between us…

By clicking on the link here, you will see a picture of the creation of the Park in the Tourist village Pristava Pr’ Tonijevih during the years.

Photographs show TOMOS mopeds.
The photo description appears when you click Show Thumbnails and then the image.


Pr Tonijevih
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