Are you up for a leisurely trip around the surrounding villages and hills?

You can take a stroll, cycle around, or rent the legendary TOMOS mopeds (A3 automatic model, or APN and ATX manual models for experienced riders).

The mopeds can be rented for:

  • 1 hour I 20 EUR
  • 3 hours I 40 EUR
  •  1 day I 70 EUR
  •  Individual 

About TOMOS mopeds

Do you recall the legendary A3, APN, ATX, and BT mopeds every teenager used to dream about a couple of decades ago? It has been said that first you hear them, then you see them, and finally you smell them. The TOMOS mopeds reached their peak in the 70s and 80s, when they were known for their quality and photogenic appeal. They were regular winners at motorcycling competitions, and were more than able to compete with foreign models. You can still see these legendary TOMOS models on the roads, and we are proud to help keep this Slovenian success story alive and well.

By clicking on the link here, you will see a picture of the creation of the Park in the Tourist village Pristava Pr’ Tonijevih during the years. 

Photographs show TOMOS mopeds.

The photo description appears when you click Show Thumbnails and then the image.


Pr Tonijevih
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