The event that we all want to remain in our eternal memory is certainly a wedding. 

The Tourist village Pristava has a place where you can perform a wedding ceremony and have a wedding party. You are invited to submit your interest in the wedding in our village via the online form on the right.

Civil ceremony in Pristava can take place at the highest point of Pristava, on the first stop of the lookout point, where you have a view of the Julian Alps, the Kamnik Savinian Alps, on Kočevski rog and Gorjanci.

We can prepare pavilion for a civil ceremony, with music, decoration and reception of the newlyweds. The space is available for rent.

You can also find a great wedding organiser, which can be found at or at ! 

Photographs, showing a wedding civil ceremony at the Park of our village and wedding photography.
When you click on “Show photos” and then on a photograph, you will also get a description.


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