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For several years, Pr’ Mežnar Farm has housed one of the stamps of the Slovenian Mountain Hiking Trail, which is very popular with Slovenian mountaineers. The hiking trails that go past the farm connect Maribor to Ankaran. The Badjur trail, Lavrič trail, and Virida trail also lead past the farm, as well as the route of the popular Roman’s hike. Pristava is also on the path of a newly created circular trail through Ivančna Gorica and the surrounding villages. The Mežnar family work together to farm 26 hectares of land.

What you can find here

The Pr’ Mežnar Farm provides milk, meat, and eggs for the whole village. They are also known for selling their potatoes and other produce grown by the whole family. They prepare afternoon lunches in collaboration with the other farms, and treat their guests with delicious traditional and local meals that they will remember for a long time.


Guests can visit the farm animals. The farm is on the path to St. Lambert Church, where masses can be gifted in the summer months. If you want to see it, stop by the Pr’ Mežnar Farm and one of the family will be happy to show you around inside the church.

The photographs show the farm Pr’ Mežar.

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Pr Mežnar
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