Slovenski kulturni praznik – National holiday

A Slovenian cultural holiday, we have been celebrating the eighth of February since 1945, and it became a public holiday since 1991. It is the holiday of the death of our greatest poet, France Prešeren. His works became valid only after his death, so we celebrate the holiday on the day of his death, in honor of the loss of a great man. On the holiday, the Prešeren Prizes and the Prešeren Fund Prizes are also awarded, which are the biggest prizes for artistic achievements in the Republic of Slovenia. The text of the national anthem of Slovenia became part of his Zdravljica.

Doctor Fig, as the children called him, was a lawyer by training. He used to give figs to children, hence his nickname. He was also unhappily in love with Primič’s Julija, to whom he dedicated many poems. Despite the fact that many of Prešerno’s works have been lost, Prešerno’s Poems are one of the most important works of Slovenian literature and also one of the most powerful incentives for cultural work and the political liberation of Slovenia. The song that Prešeren dedicated to one of his muses was also dedicated to his partner, Nezakonska mati. He and Ana Jelovšek had 3 children, they did not marry and the relationship did not last long. Prešeren had only one unrequited love. The window that he still looks into today on Prešeren square in Ljubljana is the window of Primičev Julia.
The death of loved ones in the last years of his life affected Prešerna so much that he fell ill and died at the age of 48.

Slovenski kulturni praznik

Among Prešeren’s greatest creations today we include:

    • KRST PRI SAVICI: it is dedicated to Matija Čop,
    • O VRBA, SREČNA, DRAGA VAS DOMAČA: the poem is dedicated to Vrba, the birthplace of France Prešeren,
    • APEL IN ČEVLJAR: in it Prešeren makes fun of Jerne Kopitar, who caused the censorship of the anthology Kranjska čbelica,
    • SLOVO OD MLADOSTI: Prešeren writes about his fate and life experiences.
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