Recognition as an Incentive and Symbolic Conclusion to the Successful Cooperation between the Municipality of Ivančna Gorica and the Heart of Slovenia


The last day of September was bursting with activity in Pristava nad Stično. In addition to the urgent farm activities taking place at the farms, which were catching the last rays of sunshine – they say it is saying a last goodbye for a few days – the Okorn Tourist Farm hosted a handful of co-shapers and creators of tourist development in the Municipality of Ivančna Gorica. They came together in order to take a look at the past years of cooperation and to congratulate each other on the excellent joint work and to outline the path of new plans. The role of event moderator was taken on by Deputy Mayor Tomaž Smole, who presented the municipality’s achievements, which had been promised at the local elections 4 years ago, saying that they even been exceeded.
The Mayor of Ivančna Gorica, Dušan Strnad, and the Managing Director of the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia, Aleksandra Gradišek, confirmed the joint achievements with a handshake and by presenting each other with symbolic presents. The fruits of the cooperation between the Municipality of Ivančna Gorica and the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia were presented by Mojca Štepic. A surprising part of the event was the Mayor and the Managing Director awarding Marta Okorn a plaque of appreciation for her participation in all the projects related to local cultivation and the development of tourism in the municipality. The conferral concluded with recognition for Mateja Okorn and Borut Žaren as an incentive for their contribution to the tourist development in the Municipality of Ivančna Gorica by setting up the Pristava Tourist Village.
Event participants and co-shapers of the local offer went for a walk through the Pristava Tourist Village and admired the wonderful park, picnic space and covered seating area named after Virida Visconti, Jež and Kragulj. At the top of Pristava are a shaded table and bench called Kragulj, with a point of reference showing the peaks visible from Pristava.
The walk took slightly more than an hour. The visitors were thrilled with the nature and the positive energy. We then visited the Okorn Tourist Farm and enjoyed Marta Okorn’s dried meat delicacies. The friendly chatter, exchange of ideas and experiences ended late in the afternoon.

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