Picnic area map

Do you want to spend a day in fresh air, relaxing and having fun with your family and friends while grilling up a feast? 

Rent our picnic area on a green, sunny clearing surrounded by pleasant shade to hide you from the summer heat. The area is big enough for up to 50 people. The picnic area is equipped with a sound system and lights, perfect for evening events by the campfire that will warm you up even during the darkest and coldest of nights.

The picnic area includes: a closed grill with counter space, a campfire site, two covered areas with wooden furniture – Virida and Jež – and a wooden log cabin – Brunarica. Toilets and parking spaces are also available in the lower part of the park. The guests can use the volleyball and football pitches, and children can run around and play in the playground.

There is also a pedal go-kart circuit nearby. The pedal go-karts can be rented at the Pr’ Tonijevih farm anytime, and at the Pr’ Okornu farm during the weekend. To rent the picnic area, send us a message.


How the Pr’ Tonijevih farm built the Park in the Pristava Tourist Village throughout the years.

The photos show the Pr’ Tonijevih picnic area. 


Pr Tonijevih
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