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Picnic area map

We have set a picnic area in our Park where you can enjoy the free time with family and friends.

You can rent our picnic area. On the picnic area are: wooden elements Virida, Hedgehog, Cottage with wooden tables and benches, grill and campfire, refrigerator, drinking water. On this place we can seat 60 people.

You all have: playground for kids, volleyball, football, parking area and toilets. For more activities on our picnic area you can rent go-karts on pedals or TOMOS mopeds. Go-karts on pedals can be rented on farm Pr’ Tonijevih, during the week, and at weekends they are rentable on farm Pr’ Okornu.

Photographs show you picnic area on farm Pr’ Tonijevih.
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Pr Tonijevih
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