Ernest Iron

On this day, in 1414, Ernest Železni, the last duke of Carinthia, who was enthroned according to the old Carantan style, was enthroned on Gosposvetské polje. He called himself the Archduke. As before, his father Leopold. The archduke was the highest-ranking provincial prince. Ernest ruled Styria, Carinthia, Carniola under the common name Inner Austria. He was the head of the family from 1411 to 1424. Ernest ruled his land for 23 years, during which time peace and prosperity reigned in these lands. According to sources, Ernest was dark-skinned and of a lively Italian temperament. Ernest Železni was the third of Virida Visconti’s sons. Our lady from the harbor – Virida was a benefactor of the monastery in Stika. Ernest Železni received his nickname Železni only after his death.

In the following, we show you part of the entrance door to Ernesto Železne’s holiday home.

The product is work from wood art Tadej Brgles.

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