Our homely year 2018

We all enjoy looking into the past and celebrating memories that give us the strength and energy to go forwards. At the Pristava Tourist Village, we love to reminiscence about the year 2018, which was marked by some unforgettable picnics, weddings surrounded by nature, tourists that stayed in our Virida Holiday House, the creation of photo memories, walks along the village Park and visitors parked in our camper stopover. In 2018, the Hec ensemble, the Plut Family and the singer Manca Pirc filmed their music videos in our village. Click here to see the videos: Ljubezen in smeh, Ne drži and Na dlani srce.

“A shot from the Hec ensemble video”

We were moved by the stories of the visitors we hosted at the Pristava Tourist Village. We even had some guests from Israel and Great Britain who chose our village as their holiday spot. Some of them spent their entire holiday at our village, which served as an excellent starting point to explore the whole country, while others only came to rest and relax for a day or two. Our pristine environment and wooden sculptures were also used in some music videos, which showed the Pristava Tourist Village in all its green glory.

“Civil wedding ceremony”

One novelty introduced in 2018 was the rental of TOMOS mopeds, which became very popular among our visitors. Our youngest guests enjoyed riding pedal go-karts, as well as visiting our farms and the farm animals. In addition to enjoying leisure activities in the village and nearby Ivančna Gorica, our visitors gladly took advantage of the breakfast, lunch and dinner we offer at the Pr’ Okorn farm. They tasted food that was produced entirely in our village and realised the importance of a self-sufficient food supply. To surprise our visitors with the gifts of mother nature, we also focused on offering cured meat products and other produce.

“ TOMOS mopeds for rent”

One of the greatest events of 2018 that will stay with us for a long time was the visit of some Australian hikers who were tracing the escape route of the World War II prisoners who were interred in Maribor, known as The Crow’s Flight. The escape was organised by two prisoners of war Ralph F. Churches – the Crow – from Australia and Les Laws from England. In 2018, Neil Churches organised the first walk across Slovenia in her father’s memory. He was helped by Matej, Špela and their father. The walk was long and hard – 11 days and 270 kilometres – especially due to unexpected weather conditions. However, the hosts along the way, including the Pristava Tourist Village, helped keep the spirits up. With this trail, Neil Churches wants to draw the attention of Australians and other foreign tourists to Slovenia as a tourist destination with an important history and interesting stories, perfect for a longer stay. The path the participants walked took them to many tourist destinations where they chose only the most attractive activities. We believe the hike was very successful and that the trail with carefully planned stops and tourist attraction visits can draw many Slovenian and foreign tourists who know the importance of world history. You are welcome to join the Crow’s Flight trail hike this year. You can find more information at web The Crow’s Flight. 

“Photos from the 2018 Crow’s Flight ”

A wide variety of tourists helped us create many memories. We believe that we were able to share a part of our life with them and show them the appreciation we have for every guest attracted by the Pristava Tourist Village.

“Pedal go-karts in the Pristava Tourist Village Park”

We cordially invite you to visit us in our pristine landscape in the upcoming year as well.

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