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The Pr Okornu farm lies at Pristava nad Stično where visitors can get a beautiful view of Gorjanci and the south-eastern part of Slovenia.
The housewife, Marta, and her two daughters welcome the development of day-trip tourism. Mart also sells her delicacies every Saturday at the Ivančna Gorica market. The farm, where they produce all their vegetables, which are then served cooked or otherwise, measures 23 hectares. The owners also grow wheat, which is then baked into delicious home-made potato bread.


Visitors to the farm are welcome all year round, especially during the week-ends, when Marta, the housewife, prepares a home-made farmer’s lunch with a traditional Lower Carniolan dessert (apple strudel or tarragon potica).
A space that seats 60 people is also available for celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, Holy Communion and picnics. Families have plenty of space to enjoy a carefree lunch or simply take an afternoon break. Children will be able to play on our playground equipment while the parents can chat and enjoy coffee, local apple juice and a desert.


The Pristava Tourist Village boasts a farm where active leisure time activities are an important factor in the experience. During the summer months, you can help put away hay and at the end of August you can pick potatoes and have a great time doing it. We think it is important for you to relate to our way of life and completely relax while working on the farm. Pr Okornu also includes a children’s playground, which provides a perfect place for safe play.

The photographs show the past and present of the Pr Okornu farm.

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