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For a number of years now, the Pr Mežnar farm has been known for its stamp, which marks the hiking trail from Maribor to Ankaran. This is the Slovenian Mountain Trail. The trail is very well frequented and known to all hiking enthusiasts in Slovenia. In addition to the Slovenian Mountain Trail, the Badjur, Lavrič and Viridin footpaths also run close to the farm, as does Roman’s Hike. The newly established Prijetno domače path also runs through the village of Pristava. You can get a stamp for the completed trails at the Mežnar household. The family works together to cultivate its farm, which has 26 hectares of land.


The Pr Mežnar farm will surprise you with traditional home-baked desserts. The lady of the farm, Pavla, and her right-hand woman Milena make the best home cottage cheese, which they then turn into pastries. Cottage cheese is naturally not the only ingredient in Pristava pastries by a long way. The housewife prepares different kinds of pastries for dessert. You can order her pastries for a celebration at Pristava or at another location. They are also known for selling potatoes and other vegetables, which are grown by the entire family.
With the help of all the farms at Pristava, we can offer you an afternoon lunch or prepare a picnic, which will ensure your taste buds have a hard time forgetting the culinary delights of Pristava.


You can go and see farmyard animals at the Pr Mežnar farm. You can also help store hay and pick potatoes. The path to St. Lambert’s Church goes by their house where holy mass is given during the summer months. You can see the interior of the church. Just stop by at the Pr Mežnar farm and one of the family members will be more than happy to show it to you.


Pr Mežnar
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